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What's it like to scuba dive at the two oceans aquarium?

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What's it like to scuba dive at the two oceans aquarium?

Scuba diving, whether you are a complete newcomer, learning to dive for the first time or an experienced scuba pro who has been doing this for years is a vastly different experience at the Two Oceans Aquarium from anything you may have done before. Explore the world of our ocean animals from their point of view - experience what it is like to enter their underwater habitat.

But don't just take our word for it that this is an amazing experience - take a look at some of the real experience of real people who came to scuba dive at the Aquarium:

For some, a dive at the Aquarium is about having the chance to meet South Africa's ocean life up close and in person...

Learning to scuba dive at the Aquarium is also a chance to create a lifelong moment to share and cherish with a person you love (plus - she can't say "no" to your proposal underwater)...

And for some people, scuba diving together is just an awesome way to celebrate the birthday of a good friend...

Book your dive:

We are Cape Town's all-weather scuba diving experience destination. Swim with the turtles and rays of the I&J Ocean Exhibit, show your bravery and dive with the ragged-tooth sharks of the Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Exhibit

We've got your diving experience covered - get all the info you need here.

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