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Support our work

Support our work

Everything we do is made possible by you

The Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation’s work in conservation, education, and awareness is made possible only with the support of incredible public donors and partner organisations. You make it all possible.

As a registered Public Benefit Organisation, qualifying donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act. Donations received will contribute exclusively to public benefit activities as approved by the Minister of Finance as listed in Part 1 and 2 of the Ninth Schedule of the Income Tax Act.

(Reg No: IT000432/2017 (c); PBO No: 930061845; NPO No: 234-805-NPO)

Help us to save over 500 turtle hatchlings!

The Turtle Conservation Centre and the Turtle Rescue Network rescued over 500 loggerhead and leatherback turtle hatchlings in just a few weeks days, and we urgently need your help!

The hatchlings are emaciated, injured, and in dire need of our support. Any contribution you can offer keeps one of our little patients alive: From feeding it a healthy diet, keeping it warm in clean saltwater, and maintaining life support to veterinary treatment for injuries and illnesses. Eventually, this contribution will take the little turtle all the way home – when it has regained its strength and is ready to greet the big blue once more, our team releases this hatchling to its ocean home. Now, imagine having 500 of these palm-sized patients to care for. 

Every donation helps us medically treat, feed, and care for these babies over the winter months until they are ready for release.

Go to: Please help us to help these resilient, precious turtles.
Support our work

Make a recurring donation

Whether we're caring for endangered loggerhead hatchlings in our Turtle Conservation Centre or reaching Cape Town schools through environmental outreach programmes - this work is made possible with public support! By making a recurring donation, you help us plan ahead and make a bigger impact, consider a small monthly contribution to a great cause.

Become a corporate sponsor

As a non-profit business for good, we appreciate direct sponsorships of our environmental education programmes to schools and learners from under-resourced areas; the equipment required for our outreach programmes; turtle rescue, rehabilitation and release efforts and any other contributions that assist us in increasing our impact.

If you would like to assist us in any way to achieve our mission, please do let us know.