The exciting Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Exhibit gives you the chance to experience a close encounter with some of the most misunderstood species in South Africa's oceans. Meet the shiver of ragged-tooth sharks, watch schools of giant yellowtail hunt for their next meal and watch the curious, but territorial, yellowbelly rockcod stand its ground to much larger predators. Whether you relax in front of the exhibit's large window, or spiral around the accessible viewing ramp - there is a jawesome underwater world to discover.

More than just sharks

The Save Our Seas Foundation​ Shark Exhibit is home to a variety of predatory, cool water species. These range from large carnivores like ragged-tooth sharks and giant kob, to mid-size crustacean hunters such as spotted grunters. The bottom of the ocean food chain is also present here, with schools of scavenging mullet and strepie doing their best to get to the scraps left behind by others.

Dive in this exhibit

Now you can check "scuba dived with sharks" off of your bucket list. Qualified scuba divers are invited to get their fins wet in an all-new Save Our Seas Foundation​ Shark Exhibit diving experience - book your underwater adventure here.

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Caring for our sharks

In July 2017, the last of the ragged-tooth sharks were added to the Two Oceans Aquarium's revamped Save Our Seas Foundation​ Shark Exhibit. This brought to an end to a year of building and planning, and sets us on an exciting path of optimising the exhibit and adding new and exciting species. 

Shark ambassadors

These sharks are ambassadors for their species, primarily playing an educational and awareness role, and in so doing helping us foster love and care for the environment by affording people from all walks of life the chance to come face to face with these majestic creatures. They also play an invaluable role in reversing the negative perceptions around sharks. And, in the long term, they are tagged and released and form part of important scientific studies

Popular exhibit species