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Diver24: UCT divers attempting 24-hour diving relay for a good cause this weekend!

Diver24: UCT divers attempting 24-hour diver relay for a good cause!

It's that time of year again: The Two Oceans Aquarium Dive School is hosting the UCT Underwater Club’s Diver24 fundraising initiative! This 24-hour dive-athon will see UCT Underwater Club members participating in a "scuba diving relay" from noon on Saturday, 6 April, to noon on Sunday, 7 April, in the Two Oceans Aquarium’s I&J Ocean Exhibit! The ever-popular initiative will raise funds for the conservation and education work of the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation.

You can make a donation to this cause here.

“Diver24 is a cherished event for UCT Underwater Club. It showcases the power of a community coming together to drive meaningful change. The ocean is a source of life and love, and we consider it a privilege to contribute to the preservation of the marine ecosystem and inspire future generations to cherish and protect the ocean. This event is not only incredibly fun, but also bridges the diving and student community with the public, allowing us to share our passion with others. We believe that the ocean is where humanity catches its breath,” said UCT Underwater Club members Ashton Rodger and Dana Chiles.
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Diver24 has become quite a tradition at the Two Oceans Aquarium and is a highly anticipated event on the UCT Underwater Club calendar! The Aquarium has hosted Diver24 since 2017, with the Aquarium’s PADI-certified Dive School working with the University of Cape Town to make this exciting event possible.

The Two Oceans Aquarium’s Dive School, which recently received a PADI Five-Star Dive Centre rating, is proud to be taking up the baton and again hosting the UCT Underwater Club for the event this year. The first set of divers will enter the exhibit at 12h00 on 6 April and the last set will exit the exhibit at 12h00 on 7 April 2024. This creates the perfect opportunity for visitors to the Aquarium to see divers in action, and to interact with the students who will be stationed in the public area of the exhibit.

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Other than being a fun experience for the participating divers, Diver24 is about supporting positive causes. In 2024, the UCT Underwater Club has chosen to contribute funds raised towards the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation’s sea turtle rescue, rehabilitation and release efforts, as well as towards sponsoring an opportunity for Grade 8 and 9 learners from underresourced schools to attend a marine sciences programme.

“Diving is an exciting look into our underwater world,” said Two Oceans Aquarium Marketing Manager Devon Bowen. “But one thing that is apparent is just how fragile the ocean ecosystem is. If we want to keep enjoying the ocean, and for our children to be able to experience it too, we need to educate our future leaders and community members about how they are connected to this world and work to protect it. It’s always such a pleasure working with the young people of UCT towards this goal, and I look forward to seeing them in action at Diver24.”
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Visit the Aquarium on 6 and 7 April to see the UCT Underwater Club’s Diver24 in action (the perfect time to ask about learning to scuba dive if you’ve ever been curious). Follow the event on social media with #Diver24, and please help to support this wonderful cause.

Go to: Click here to donate on Backabuddy!

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