Our exhibits showcase the incredible diversity of marine life found off our coast.

Smart Living Challenge Zone

The Smart Living Challenge Zone, a new addition to the Aquarium, encourages visitors to think about their impact on the environment and to make environmentally responsible choices. These choices will not only help them save money, but also lower their consumption of water and energy, reduce their waste and enrich biodiversity.

Coming Soon! New Predator Exhibit

Opening up later this year will be our brand-new predator exhibit, including a complete walk-through tunnel!

Watch this space for the announcement on when this exhibit will be open to the public.

Oceans of Contrast: Indian Ocean Gallery

Vibrant tropical beauties from the warm Indian Ocean, including the popular clownfish, honeycomb eels and more. This gallery also features a 3 metre-wide cylindrical exhibit showcasing the dazzling colours of Indian Ocean fish.

Oceans of Contrast: Atlantic Ocean Gallery

Discover cryptic fishes that playing hide and seek. See translucent jellies and the shy master of camouflage, the common octopus. This gallery also features the endangered Knysna seahorse and the alien-like giant spider crab.

Penguin Exhibit

Explore the journey of a river and all its inhabitants – from freshwater riverine fish and birds, to the rocky shore-dwelling penguins.

The Ocean Basket Kelp Forest Exhibit

The Ocean Basket Kelp Forest Exhibit is an underwater forest where kelp plants grow like tall trees, fish swim through the fronds like birds and abalone, sea urchins and rock lobsters feed and take cover among the root-like holdfasts.

I&J Predator Exhibit

Without a doubt, the most popular animals in the Two Oceans Aquarium are the ragged-tooth sharks, housed in the I&J Predator Exhibit and visible through an enormous 11 metre-wide by 4 metre-high acrylic panel.

The Touch Pool and Microscope Exhibits

Take a look through a microscope to see marine life like you have never seen before. Then, head to the Touch Pool and feel shells, plants and animals in your own hands.