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Why do rockhopper penguins have crests?

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Why do rockhopper penguins have crests?

When you look at a rockhopper penguin, the first things you probably notice are its yellow crests - a trait they share with other crested penguins, like Macaroni and Snare's penguins. Clearly, having a fly hairstyle matters in the penguin world -but why?

Juvenile penguins don't have crests

Juvenile penguins are often the same size as adults - so they need some way of signalling that they are not competition for mates while trying to find their place in the colony. Some species, like African penguins, are a completely different colour while juvenile, but crested penguins are the same colour as the adults when young - just missing their crests.

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It helps them hunt

Rockhopper penguins often share island habitats with other penguin species, like gentoos or king penguins. Crested-penguins, like rockhoppers, are able to see each other's yellow crests underwater, helping them differentiate between members of their species and "the competition" when coordinating hunting.

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It's sexy and they know it

They wave their hair like they just don't care! When calling to attract mates, rockhoppers shake their heads - longer, yellower crests signal to other single penguins that a potential mate is mature and healthy.

Bonus fact: Most birds that have yellow colour get the yellow pigment from their food. For example, canaries are yellow because they eat insects that contain carotenoids. Crested penguins have a unique yellow pigment which does not occur anywhere else in nature - which means they make their yellow all by themselves!

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