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A new leader for our Ocean Campus: Welcome, Leigh Meinert!

Our Ocean Campus had a new leader: Welcome, Leigh Meinert!

One of the primary functions of the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation is to positively impact young, hungry minds to create forward-thinking ocean warriors. This is made possible through Ocean Campus!

The Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation delivers world-class, experiential, and curriculum-aligned ocean and environmental science education for all ages, children and adults alike. Since the establishment of our education programme, these courses have impacted over a million learners, inspiring the careers of marine biologists, scientists, oceanographers, and more! Now, through Ocean Campus, you can access our exciting, interactive, and unique educational offerings, all in one place!

Ocean Campus opens the door to immersive, hands-on learning and is the best path to a lifetime of caring for and protecting the ocean. This is exactly why our new Head of Ocean Campus, Leigh Meinert, is the perfect fit!

Let’s learn a bit more about Leigh…

What is your background in education?

"In 2004, I founded a free-to-student university that is rooted in social justice. The university is called the Tertiary School In Business Administration (TSIBA) and it’s still running to this day. TSIBA offers an innovative approach for students to access and finance business education – this is achieved through our scholarship model that enables students to pay at relative levels of affordability, removing financial barriers to tertiary education.

Since its inception, I have served as TSIBA’s first Managing Director. I’ve also been on the board of many educational NGOs, including chairing SA’s largest tutoring organisation, IkamvaYouth."

What drew you to the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation?

"Access to innovative education is my passion. The opportunity to apply what I know and love in an exciting new context, like the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation’s Ocean Campus, was an irresistible opportunity."

What do the ocean and our marine environments mean to you?

"The ocean and its inhabitants are an endless source of discovery and wonder. They are also an essential form of sustenance for humans in so many ways, and I feel compelled to care for the ocean as she cares for us. This is vital for our future."

DSC03913 copy

Why do you think ocean education is important?

"I believe that far too few people understand how connected humans are to the ocean, and how critical ocean health is to our own. Few people realise what wonders lie beneath the waves. Educating people in a way that develops a sense of connection and care for the ocean is vital to the well-being and resilience of the “Planet Ocean” and all its inhabitants. Indeed, it is odd that we refer to our blue planet (71% of which is water) as Earth …"

What do you envision for the future of Ocean Campus?

"Through the Ocean Campus, I hope that we will be able to offer education that inspires, connects, and galvanises thousands (and maybe millions) of people - especially those who don’t live close to an ocean or have the opportunity to experience an aquarium like the Two Oceans Aquarium. The climate crisis can feel overwhelming and daunting – I believe that via the Ocean Campus, we can offer community, guidance, and real hope."

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Our exciting, new Ocean Campus has a bright future ahead! As the Head of Ocean Campus, Leigh will be working with our very own Bianca Engel as Deputy Head and a team of incredible, dedicated teachers and staff to nurture ocean-minded learners. Please join us in welcoming her to the Aquarium family!

Ocean Campus is your pathway to a lifetime of caring for the ocean and its inhabitants!

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