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Looking back at an AMAZING Trash Bash!

Looking back at an AMAZING Trash Bash!

Keeping our ocean healthy for ourselves and the marine life that inhabits it is of crucial importance. This past weekend at Mouille Point Beach, we did exactly that - courtesy of another successful Trash Bash! 


Since adopting Mouille Point as our Trash Bash "home" earlier this year, this has been the most participants we've had at this location! We are delighted to announce that as a result of everyone's amazing efforts - we collected a total of 292,92kg of trash! (Which is also the most trash we've collected at this location) This is an incredible achievement and one that we should all be proud of! 


Common items found included plastic bottles, lollipops and sucker sticks, and straws. These items typically end up being ingested by seabirds or landing in the ocean, where it is swallowed by other marine animals. Either way - if trash is not collected, it can cause serious harm and injury to the animals that inhabit the ocean. 


Trash Bash is always an amazing experience - one that not only includes loads of fun, cool prizes, and amazing efforts to save our ocean, but allows us to meet new ocean lovers and reconnect with familiar faces! 


See you at the next Trash Bash on 15 July 2023 - follow us online for details!

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