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Biomimicry: technologies inspired by nature

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Biomimicry: technologies inspired by nature

As a species, humans are often considered to be at the top of the evolutionary ladder, said to be the pinnacle of evolution and consciousness. However, even in the 21st Century, humans have still got a lot to learn from nature. The mechanisms nature has developed are so efficient, that they can help humans create new technologies and instigate innovation. "Biomimicry" means exactly this, namely the imitation of the models and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.

There's a lot we can learn from nature, and RS Components, an electrical component company created this infographic to demonstrate ways that humans strive to keep the pace with new technologies. According to them, biomimicry is something that can help humans keep evolving while being in touch with nature. Let's take a look at some of the most peculiar and exciting technologies that nature is inspiring at the moment:

Rs biomimicry

After more than 3.5 billion years of evolution - nature has devised some truly remarkable ways to solve problems, from defying gravity to breathing underwater. Technology is awesome, and so are the evolutionary tools of nature.

Be sure to see some of nature's neatest tricks on your next Two Oceans Aquarium visit. 

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