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Grade 10 to 12 Marine Vertebrates course

Grade 10 to 12 Marine Vertebrates course

Are you fascinated by animals like fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals? All these astonishing animals are classified under the phylum Chordata, which is what we’ll cover in the exciting Marine Vertebrates course.  

Did you know that some of these animals had moved out of the water and evolved for a terrestrial lifestyle before returning to the ocean millennia later? Well, this course will allow students to focus on the key characteristics of these animals and how their physiology has adapted to an aquatic lifestyle.

This course will expand your mind like never before – it’s perfect for those curious and passionate about underwater species. If this sounds like you, apply now!


  • Marine Wildlife walk to see the seals and coastal birds in the harbour
  • A tour of our turtle rehab centre
  • Tour of the aquarium focusing on Marine chordates
  • African Penguin talk
  • Fish dissection to look at the internal and external anatomy


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, students are expected to have a basic understanding of biology and classification.