On Saturday 25 January 2020, Western Cape Morsbags will be handing out gorgeous free reusable shopping bags featuring limited-edition Two Oceans Aquarium scenes from 11h00 to 13h00 inside the Aquarium. The Aquarium's Rethink the Bag campaign donated the fabric for these bags - they used to be billboards and banners used for marketing efforts. Morsbags will also be educating the public about their work – come and say hi to our fantastic supporters making a real difference, one bag at a time. (And get your hands on a totally-unique shopper!)

Image credit: Sarah Donnelly-Baxter - Link a Lead.

Morsbags is an international environmental organisation that has grown largely through word of mouth. It aims to rid our world of plastic bags and to therefore save our oceans for our children.

It is estimated that 532 billion plastic bags are used each year, and the best way to stop this is to give people an alternative. Make a Morsbag, hand it out for free and spread the word.

Morsbags was founded in England by Claire Morsman in 2007 and to date across the world 364 392 bags have been made and given away. Each Morsbag replaces at least 500 plastic bags, which equals 182 196 000 plastic bags we have saved already. Morsbags are made by everyone from Prince Charles to those in a community rehabilitation centre in Leicestershire, England and by sewing groups in the USA and right across Europe.

Morsbags make everyone smile! Thank you Desmond Tutu for following and supporting Western Cape Morsbags

In August 2018 we launched Western Cape Morsbags dedicated to the production of shopping bags made from recycled fabrics which are given away free at local events so as to reduce the use of plastic bags.

People get together to form pods, and each pod organises the production and distribution of their bags. The Western Cape Morsbags pod is the very first serious effort by likeminded people to start Morsbag production in Africa, and it all began in Melkbosstrand.

We meet every third Monday of each month in the Koeberg Library in Duynefontein between 10h00 and 12h00 where we share donated fabric, cut out bags, make decisions about where future giveaways will be, and of course chat and have coffee.

In 17 months we have made 9 679 Morsbags and are now ranked eighth in the Morsbag world. Well done South Africa!

If you would like to help in any way, or would like further information, please contact Jaqui Robbie on WCMorsbags@gmail.com. Please visit our Facebook page - Western Cape Morsbags – where you will discover what we have achieved so far and what our plans are for the future. Everyone is welcome! Bring yourself, your old fabric for recycling and join in Sociable Guerrilla Bagging.

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