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Meet Jemma and Harper: Our new ragged-tooth sharks

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Meet Jemma and Harper: Our new ragged-tooth sharks

The Two Oceans Aquarium prides itself on ethically collecting and releasing many of our animals - and our ragged-tooth sharks are no different. We recently welcomed two new ragged-tooth sharks, which arrived at the Aquarium after being safely collected and transported by our collections team. We are excited to introduce you to Jemma and Harper, who are now housed in the Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Exhibit.

Jemma and Harper were collected in Kei Mouth in the Eastern Cape and transported via a portable holding tank filled with oxygenated water. After one stop to perform a water change during the trip, the sharks arrived at the Two Oceans Aquarium on Thursday, 17 November 2022. Once they arrived, they were sedated to ensure they were as calm as possible before being removed from the portable holding tank.

Jemma and Harper were placed into the Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Exhibit, where they are currently housed and have adjusted well to. We've been super excited to introduce them to you and we hope to see many of you coming to meet our new raggies!

Ragged-tooth sharks are generally kept in the Aquarium for a few years before they are released back into the ocean. Previous studies of our released sharks that have been tagged show no significant difference in behaviour between those housed in the Aquarium for several years and wild sharks that have never left the ocean.

Ragged-tooth sharks are outstanding ambassadors for their species and do well to raise awareness about the plight of sharks worldwide. They also teach members of the public why sharks are vital for healthy ocean ecosystems.

Be sure to give Jemma and Harper a warm welcome on your next Two Oceans Aquarium visit!

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