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Adopt a sea turtle hatchling

Adopt a sea turtle hatchling

Your donations help us rehabilitate rescued sea turtle hatchlings so that these endangered animals can return to the ocean.

No more than two in a thousand loggerhead turtles survive into adulthood. Rehabilitating every single one of the stranded turtles rescued by members of the public and brought to us for care is critical. In the hands of the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation's turtle team, dozens of stranded hatchlings that would have perished (often due to human-induced hazards) can have a second chance at life in the ocean.

On average, it costs thousands of rands to rehabilitate just one stranded hatchling - no small effort! You can help these efforts directly by co-adopting one of this year's hatchlings. A donation of R500 means you've provided about two weeks of food, veterinary care, and love to one of the turtles in the Turtle Conservation Centre - an essential part of their journey to have a second chance at life in the wild.

Co-adopt a hatchling

You can play an essential part in a turtle's rehabilitation by helping to care for one of the rescued hatchlings in the Turtle Conservation Centre. 

Co-adoption is a great option for everyone! This is an affordable way to contribute to a turtle hatchling's rehabilitation and make a difference in its future. 

Co-adopters receive a personalised certificate of adoption and regular updates about the cohort of hatchlings their adoptee is a member of.

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Adopt a hatchling

Adopt a turtle

Want to name and follow the journey of your own "adopted" turtle family member? 

Contact us and learn how you, your school, or your company can exclusively adopt one of the rescued hatchlings in our care, enabling us to care for it from rescue to release!

Exclusive adopters get to name their turtle, receive a certificate of adoption, receive brief monthly updates, and have their turtle featured in an update communication. They will be first to know when their hatchling is being released!

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Adopt a hatchling

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