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Adopt a sea turtle hatchling

Adopt a sea turtle hatchling

You can give an endangered loggerhead turtle a second chance at life in the ocean!

Every year, our Turtle Conservation Centre receives loggerhead turtle hatchlings that have washed ashore along our coastline. These hatchlings are emaciated, injured, and in dire need of our support.

In the wild, very few loggerhead turtles survive into adulthood. Rehabilitating every single one of the stranded turtles rescued by members of the public and brought to us for care is critical. In the hands of our turtle team, dozens of stranded hatchlings that would have perished (often due to human-induced hazards) can have a second chance at life in the ocean.

With your generous help, our team successfully rehabilitates and releases these turtle hatchlings, giving this incredible species a brighter future!

Co-adopt a hatchling

Have you ever dreamed of contributing to the survival of an endangered species? By co-adopting one of the loggerhead turtle hatchlings in the Turtle Conservation Centre, you can do just that.

Co-adoption is a great option for everyone! This is an affordable way to make a difference and give one of our little turtles a chance at a brighter future. Your co-adoption covers a week of veterinary care and food and can mean a world of difference for these turtles.

Co-adopters receive a personalised certificate and an invitation to join our turtle community via our regular mailer, Turtle Tales.

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Adopt a hatchling

Adopt a turtle

Would you like to follow a turtle’s journey from rescue, through rehabilitation, to release back into the ocean? By fully supporting a loggerhead turtle hatchling's rehabilitation, you can. 

Your contribution keeps the little patient alive: From feeding it a healthy diet, keeping it warm in clean saltwater, and maintaining life support to veterinary treatment for injuries and illnesses. Eventually, this contribution will take the little turtle all the way home – when it has regained its strength and is ready to greet the big blue once more, our team releases this hatchling to its ocean home.

Adopters get to name their turtle and receive a beautiful, illustrated chapter of the hatchling story every month. You will also receive pictures of your hatchling and are the first to know when it is released!

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Adopt a hatchling

Join our turtle community

Turtle Tales is a regular mailer packed with news from our Turtle Conservation Centre.

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