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The Flipper Effect: Protect Bob's Home

The Flipper Effect: Protect Bob's Home

The ocean is not safe for sea turtles - let's change that

Bob is a turtle with a special story. Rescued eight years ago, Bob has recovered from severe injury and infection - a direct result of confusing plastic bags and balloons for food and becoming too weak to survive in the wild. It has only been through luck and the hard work of the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation's turtle conservation team that Bob is now on the verge of returning to the wild, but this doesn't mean our mission ends - we all need to work together to protect Bob's home: the ocean.

Catch up on Bob's story:

  • Bob's release
  • Why was Bob at the Two Oceans Aquarium?
  • How did the team rewild Bob?
  • What's the next step for Bob?

Children's Activity:

Celebrate Bob! Download this sheet - print it out A4 for colouring-in, or A3 and decorate it by gluing bits of plastic you and your family collect on a nearby beach.

Looking for more turtle-themed activities? Download our free boardgame all about the journey of sea turtles!

The Flipper Effect: Protect Bob's Home

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Bob has been released back into the borderless wilds of the open ocean, after eight years of difficult rehabilitation. But now, with Bob back in the ocean, we can't protect him anymore - we need to prioritise protecting the ocean.

The reality is simple: The ocean is not safe for turtles.

Together we can change this situation. Bob is facing many of the same human-caused threats that resulted in his stranding in the first place, and which are the cause of harm to the overwhelming majority of distressed sea turtles - plastic pollution, habitat destruction, careless use of fishing equipment.

To create an ocean that is safe for Bob and all other creatures that call it home, we must continuously take small actions towards protecting it - these small actions compound into big change. 

This is #TheFlipperEffect!

If you'd like to support the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation's turtle conservation work, you can find out how here.