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Red stumpnose

Red stumpnose

Red stumpnose are endemic off South Africa and occur from False Bay to Margate, although they are more common south of East London.

They have steep foreheads which, in males, become increasingly pronounced and bulbous as they get older. They have strong molars which they use to crush prey such as redbait, urchins, octopuses and crabs.

Although red stumpnose are good to eat, they have been over-exploited. Presently they may only be caught once they have reached a minimum size of 30cm and anglers may only catch one fish per person per day.

Red stumpnose are currently listed as a Red species on SASSI’s Customer Seafood List, which means you should not buy or sell these fish as seafood. 

Photograph by Dagny Warmerdam.

Have strong molars which they use to crush prey.