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Boat Dives

Boat Dives

Explore Cape Town's favourite boat-accessible dive sites!

Cape Town is home to several popular shipwrecks and various kelp forests in the False Bay waters - these are known to inhabit a wide variety of marine species. The visibility can vary between four to ten metres, depending on season and weather, which means there is a lot to see!

The Cape fur seals who occupy this area have grown popular amongst divers. These amusing animals, which can be seen darting and twisting through the water, adore interacting with divers and are often a highlight of many diving excursions.

Dive details: 

Exact details will vary once the final dive locations have been chosen, usually based on the ideal weather and ocean conditions. If you have a part of the local ocean you'd like to see more of - ask our team when making your booking and we'll do our best to choose a perfect site.

  • Maximum depth: Varies depending on the divers certification level. 
  • Water temperature: 1°C to 17 °C (5mm wetsuits are suitable) 
  • Typical visibility: 4m to 10m 
  • Location to be selected close to the scheduled dive date to ensure that conditions are ideal on the day. Should conditions be unfavourable, it may be necessary to reschedule to dive. 
  • Diving days typically start at 08h30 and finish around 15h00.
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Flying after diving

Please be advised that you may not partake in any dives or courses if you plan to fly within 24 hours after the scheduled dive date.

Email to book your dive.