Please note: In order to promote visitor safety at this time, snack and beverage kiosks inside the Aquarium will be temporarily closed. Should you choose to leave the Aquarium to eat at Bootlegger or another outlet in the V&A Waterfront, you will be able to reenter the Aquarium later on the same day - please let the staff at the exit know that you intend to reenter so that you can be given the correct reentry tag.

Bootlegger Coffee Company

Worked up a real appetite? Bootlegger's Aquarium branch is open Monday to Friday from 06h30 to 18h00, and weekends and public holidays from 07h30 to 18h00. Grabbing a delicious cup of coffee, or a filling lunch has never had a more exotic venue! Members enjoy a 10% discount at the Aquarium Bootlegger restaurant.

Outside food and drinks

Due to the nature of the Aquarium's facilities and the potential risk posed to the animals in our care by outside contaminants, we ask that no outside food or drink is brought to the Aquarium. Snacks and light meals are available in designated areas at the above-mentioned outlets. This restriction does not apply to food or bottles for infants, or items required for medical purposes.

Should you wish to bring pre-packed meals, you may leave the Aquarium to enjoy lunch outside in the V&A Waterfront - just ask for your hand to be stamped at our turnstiles and we'll let you back inside later.