Augment your day at the Two Oceans Aquarium with these fantastic activities. 

Scuba diving

A completely new dive experience awaits you! The I&J Ocean Exhibit is 6m deep, has a full tunnel and displays incredible species such as turtles, rays, guitarfish, brindle bass and spotted grunter.

Anyone interested in diving needs to have a minimum of an Open Water 1 scuba qualification. Not qualified? Not a problem! You can get your scuba qualification here or do a Discover Scube course which allows same-day diving. 

Penguin Experience

Get up close and personal with the adorable northern rockhopper penguins of the Two Oceans Aquarium. 

You can meet our too-cute rescue rockies through an awesome interactive Penguin Experience. No more than two people will join our bird keeper for an informative, fun and exhilarating face-to-face encounter with our feathered friends.

If you are lucky, one or two of them might decide to hop onto your lap. Our trained bird keepers are on hand to ensure that all guidelines are followed. 

Ocean Experience

The Ocean Experience is a brand new, unique opportunity to get a lot closer and a bit more personal with the animals of the I&J Ocean Exhibit.

Engage with the friendly rescue turtles Bob and Sandy in our secure environment, and get a privileged look (with mask and snorkel) at the beautiful short-tail stingrays, the man-faced black musselcracker, giant guitarfish and the nearly 200 other fish swimming around this large-scale open ocean exhibit.