The white kingfish is a large fish with a silver-grey body that can take on a green tint on the fish’s upper side, and a yellow band that runs along its lateral line.

Schools of white kingfish inhabit coastal waters across the Atlantic Ocean – from the United States and Spain to South Africa.

It prefers to shoal over reefs, where it spawns during winter.

Young white kingfish typically hunt small invertebrates and fish using suction (just like seahorses)

The IUCN status of the white kingfish is Least Concern.

Species Facts

  • Also known as an araara, blurter, bruise-face, cavalley, guelly jack, jackfish, pig ulua, silver bream, skipjack, white trevally or silver trevally.
  • Can live for almost 50 years.
  • Grows up to 80cm, but more common at about 40cm.