Spotted grunter are wide-spread from Cape Point, along the eastern coast of Africa as well as Madagascar. They feed on sand prawns, worms and crustaceans, which they uncover by squirting a jet of water from their mouths, to clear the mud. Spotted grunter are often seen with their tails waving out the water on shallow banks, as they feed head down. They produce a grunting sound in their throats by grinding their strong jaws together. They can grow up to 80cm in length and live for 15 years.

Minimum size limit: 40cm

Bag limit: 5

SASSI: Red - Don’t buy or sell spotted grunter. Rather choose a green-listed species.


(Photo: Geoff Spiby)

Species Facts

  • Produces a grunting sound by rubbing their jaws together.
  • Uncover prey by squirting a jet of water from their mouths.