Mullet occur in dense shoals off the rocky shores and sandy beaches of the southern and western Cape coast. They spawn during spring in shallow waters and tend to frequent estuaries as nursery areas.

Instead of a stomach, these fish have a crop similar to a gizzard in birds. They feed mainly on microscopic plants and often take in fine granules of sand, which may assist digestion.

Commonly known as “harder”, this species supports an important commercial seine and gill net fishery. Catches of 5 to 6 million fish a year have been recorded.

Though classified as "Orange" by SASSI, these fish have been overfished in parts and may not be caught in estuaries.

SASSI status – Orange (think twice)

Species Facts

  • Currently listed as Orange on SASSI’s consumer seafood guide
  • A traditional delicacy known as "bokkom" and are either salt-dried or smoked