Rocksucker: Does this sound like the name of a funky band to you? Maybe a funky fish band?

These eponymous, ruler-length fish have a large suction pad under their bodies, which they use to cling to rocks, meaning they can endure strong currents. They can be seen in rock pools at low tide and often sit upside down under rocky ledges.

Rocksuckers are shaped like tadpoles with a wide, flattened head. They have no scales, but are covered with a coat of slime, making them very slippery.

With two prominent front canines, they are able to remove limpets or mollusks from the rocks, which they then swallow whole! If the shell is small enough, it will be excreted whole, but if not, the fish will vomit it up.

Species Facts

  • Has a large suction pad under its body
  • Two prominent front teeth are used to remove limpets and mollusks from rocks