Beaked sandfish are slender, elongated fish with cylindrical bodies and fins placed far back on their bodies. Their pointed snouts end in a sharp barbel and their mouths face downward, rather than forward.

Beaked sandfish use their hard-pointed snouts to burrow in the sand, where they hide out during the day. At night they come out to hunt.

Note how big their eyes are – this is a sign that they are nocturnal hunters. 

Beaked sandfish are most commonly found on the continental shelf of Southern Africa, ranging from the Skeleton Coast to Mozambique, with isolated populations on the coast of Japan, Australia and Chile.

Species Facts

  • Also known as a beaked salmon, mousefish, ratfish, sandfish and sand eel.
  • Nocturnal hunters
  • Hide in the sand during the day, after digging in
  • Grows up to 60cm.