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Why isn’t my credit card working?

If your credit card doesn't work, please check the following:

1. You have typed in the details correctly.

A credit card has 16 numbers on the front, as well as a CVV (card verification value) number on the back, that must be entered. 

The CVV number on a credit card is a three-digit code on Visa, MasterCard and Discover-branded credit cards, and a four-digit code on American Express credit cards.

2. You have not entered your credit card's expiration date, or your credit card has expired.

The credit card you are using must expire after the date of purchase. Visit your bank's nearest branch to get a new card if yours has expired.

2. Your have reached your daily transaction limit.

You may be over your credit card limit. Check your credit card balance to see if you have available funds.

3. Ask your bank why the transaction was declined.

There may be an administrative issue between yourself and your bank, which has caused your credit card to be invalid.

4. After following these steps, please email us if there has been no resolution. We might not be able to solve your problem, but would nevertheless like to keep track of problems that persist.