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Do I have to print my ticket(s)?

Your ticket(s) have to printed out in order for the barcode to be scanned at the Aquarium's turnstiles.

You can do this by downloading the PDF and printing this, or by simply printing out your confirmation email.

You can print from any computer, on any inkjet or laser printer, at any time before coming to the Aquarium.

Printouts do not need to be in colour; the most important thing is that the lines of the barcode are clearly legible. Failing this, the barcode number can also be entered in by our Front of House staff.

We do have limited facilities available at the Aquarium should you be unable to print out your tickets. However, on busy days this could take some time and might not be as convenient as arriving with your ticket(s) already printed.

You'll be skipping queues and saving time when you arrive with your ticket(s) printed already.