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The Two Oceans Aquarium is officially a PADI Five Star Dive Center

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The Two Oceans Aquarium is officially a PADI Five Star Dive Center

Our PADI-certified Two Oceans Aquarium dive school has become one of the most well-loved and highly respected dive schools. Established in July 2021 as a PADI Dive Resort, this dive school has been growing from strength to strength since and has recently been bestowed the huge honour of becoming a PADI Five Star Dive Centre.

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“I think it’s really great. I feel extremely proud of us. What it basically means is that PADI recognizes where this dive school is going, and for them to recognize it so soon, shows us that there’s so much more room to grow” - Said Peter Van Wyk, dive centre scuba instructor. 

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The magnitude of this achievement lies in the short amount of time it’s taken for the Two Oceans Aquarium Dive School to go from “dive resort”, to “Five Star Dive Centre”. Usually, it takes between four to five years for institutions to reach this esteemed feat, as the requirements are quite stringent. One of these prerequisites includes the retail aspect of the dive centre, which the Two Oceans Aquarium Dive School did not meet. Despite this, as a result of the large number of certified divers being produced by our dive school, this requirement was overlooked by PADI, who felt it appropriate to bestow us with the highly desired “dive centre” status after only 13 months. This is a clear indication of the impact our dive school has made within a short period of time.


“We believe that the success of this dive school is because of the passion we have for our job. We love what we do and that’s why we are able to work so hard. So many late nights at work, brainstorming sessions, and text messages in the evening. The hard work behind the scenes is now paying off” – Said Tersia Greenstone, dive centre scuba instructor. 

Becoming a dive centre means that our dive school is now more highly recognized by PADI and can thus offer more services and improved experiences. As opposed to just being the amazing dive school that we previously were, we are now a diving hub, that has the potential to grow 6even more rapidly and make a bigger impact in the diving community.

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“We also must give credit to the premises itself. The Two Oceans Aquarium's name is so big on its own, and it has significantly contributed to the dive school’s success. People trust the name already, so they trust the dive school as well” – Tersia Greenstone, dive centre scuba instructor. 

The PADI-certified Two Oceans Aquarium Dive Centre is an excellent representation of the hard work of the dive school and all its members. This accomplishment is a great honour, not only for the dive school but for the Aquarium as a whole. We are immensely proud to be the home of this fantastic dive centre and we cannot wait to dive even deeper into our journey with PADI and our Aquarium family.

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