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Smart living outreach with dhl: free visits to schools across cape town

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Smart living outreach with dhl: free visits to schools across cape town

The Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation, in partnership with DHL Africa, is offering free visits by the Smart Living outreach teacher and vehicle, to under-resourced schools until December 2021. Spaces are limited. Bookings are essential and can be made by emailing

The Smart Living outreach programme is currently visiting under-resourced schools in Cape Town and surrounds for free, through the generous sponsorship and assistance of DHL Africa. Each visit to a school is facilitated through the Smart Living outreach vehicle and is led by skilled and trained teacher Anzio Abels, who can run lessons for 200 children in up to 5 classes a day, in either English or Afrikaans.


The Smart Living outreach programme is specifically designed to engage with learners around making smart choices when it comes to energy, water, waste and biodiversity. These choices, having a sustainable component, meaning that they are better for the environment and contribute to the future health of the planet and people.

Lessons are aimed at Grades 5, 6and 7. Each lesson has been specifically compiled to focus on aspects such as biodiversity, natural heritage, water conservation, energy-saving and waste minimisation, and are CAPS curriculum-aligned. Learners are taken on a fun and visually appealing journey to explore the selected topic, with the aim of developing their sustainability knowledge; guiding them in making more informed choices, and providing a platform through which they can explore alternatives to products and services that are considered essential.

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