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Shaping our Junior Biologists

By Ethan Smit
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Shaping our Junior Biologists

Thanks to our amazing educational offerings through our Ocean Campus, AVI, who generously sponsored the course, and our fantastic Junior Biologists who remained enthusiastic throughout, we were recently able to conclude yet another successful Junior Biologists course. Thank you to everyone involved! 

What is the Junior Biologist course?

The ever-popular Junior Biologist course is dedicated to exploring our South African coastline by embarking on adventures through unique habitats while meeting some of the most fascinating creatures that call these places home. Our Junior Biologist will also dive into the inner workings of the Two Oceans Aquarium, courtesy of exclusive Behind the Scenes Tours, featuring some of the most amazing marine animals.

As an NGO, Ocean Campus has not yet been able to streamline this course to make certain that all children all children ,regardless of their financial and social background, can be accommodated. However, thanks to our generous sponsors, AVI, half of the spots were sponsored to children from under privileged backgrounds. This year, our sponsored students came from Metro areas in the East, South, and Central. We were even joined by one student from the West Coast. 

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The topics covered in the Junior Biologist course included: 

  • Oceans/South African Two Oceans
  • Marine Ecosystems
  • Life in a Rockpool Ecosystem
  • Criteria for Life
  • Cephalopods
  • Sharks/Fish
  • South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI)
  • Testudines
  • Penguins

In addition to the insightful classroom lessons, the students also enjoy two outings in which they are exposed to learning in different environments. 

The first and most popular outing is the boat trip on the Waterfront Harbour. Thank you to Waterfront Charters for making this possible by providing a huge discount on the amazing hour-long experience. Students also enjoyed the enthusiastic skipper, Mr Anthony, who kept everyone entertained and informed throughout the journey. 

The second outing includes a trip to the Greenpoint Gardens where students are taught about the history of the freshwater ecosystems, followed by a trip to Mouille Point rocky shores where they get the chance to explore that particular ecosystem, while looking for some cool invertebrates. 

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Check out some feedback from our Junior Biologists themselves:

Jenna Press from Rouxville Primary School

When asked why she decided to do this course Jenna replied, “To try new things, because I’m trying to figure out what I want to do one day”. Her favourite topic was ‘Reptiles- Testudines’, and her final comment was that the course was the best four days of her life, and she will be back next year for her next course.

Yamikani Handiseni from Star of the Sea School

Yamikani says she wants to be a biologist when she grows up. Her highlights were the rockpool exploration and the boat trip. 

Zahra Gafieldien from Steenberg Primary School

Zahra decided to do the course because she wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up. Her highlights were learning about penguins, and she would love to join an environmental club one day. When asked to leave a sentence on how she felt about the course she said, ''At first I felt alone, but I quickly made new friends and I would love to come again.'' 

Leo Jantjies from Floreat Primary School

Leo’s favourite activity was the boat trip and he was particularly interested in learning about all sea creatures. He's now excited about the opportunity to explore more marine animals. When asked about his experience during the course he said, ''I loved the course, the people, my new friends, and everything else.''

Felicia Chiporeya from Star of the Sea

Felicia said these four days were the best Saturdays of her life. She enjoyed the Penguin topic and wanted to learn more about Lobsters and crabs specifically. 

If this course excites you, we're excited to announce that we have another one coming on 5-26 October 2024While you give that some thought, or if your child does not meet the age criteria, check out the rest of our educational offerings and find one that suits you. 

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