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Join us for Rocky Shore Explore in celebration of World Ocean Day

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Join us for Rocky Shore Explore in celebration of World Ocean Day

We're excited to report that the Two Oceans Aquarium family will be venturing along the beautiful, natural shoreline that is Dalebrook Tidal Pool on Saturday, 8 June 2024, for an exciting Rocky Shore Explore in celebration of World Oceans Day. 

And of course, we'd love for you to join us! 

What is Rocky Shore Explore?

Rocky Shore Explore is an exciting opportunity for families and loved ones to adventure though rockpools and discover some of the animals and plants that make up the diverse ecosystem of our shores. 

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  • When: 8 June 2024 from 10h00 to 12h00
  • Where: Dalebrook Tidal Pool, St James
  • Wear: Non-slip shoes, waterproof or quick-drying clothing
  • Bring: Hat, sunscreen, water in a reusable bottle, phone camera

World Ocean Day

Every June 8th, we celebrate World Ocean Day - a global event dedicated to the magnificent blue heart of our planet: the ocean! Imagine a day where everyone, from beach lovers to marine biologists, joins forces to protect our precious ocean. Why? Because our it gives us so much! The ocean produces most of the oxygen we breathe, is home to incredible marine life, and even helps regulate the climate. 

So, let’s get together and explore in celebration of our magnificent ocean. Not to mention that all attendees stand a chance to win some cool prizes! 

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Need a hand discovering species?

Download our rocky shore species guide here:

Tinywow ROCKYSHORE MPA ID card 2024 57381391 1
Go to external page: Download the Rocky Shore Explore checklist


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