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How to book a free smart living outreach lesson for your school

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How to book a free smart living outreach lesson for your school
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Cape Town is a city surrounded by beautiful biodiversity, abundant oceans and readily accessible nature. But, it is also a growing city that faces the challenges of fulfilling the human needs of energy provision, clean drinking water, and waste disposal. Bringing these human and natural worlds together in a sustainable way takes what we call "Smart Living" - and in partnership with DHL we're bringing free sustainability outreach lessons to schools throughout that area. 

Smart Living is a mobile lesson, presented by outreach teacher Anzio Abels, designed for Grade 6 and Grade 7 learners. All lessons are CAPS-curriculum aligned, with a selection of themes: Biodiversity, energy, water and waste. Teacher Anzio uses interactive, tech-savvy lessons to engage learners and communicate even the most complex concepts in fun, informative ways!

To book, simply complete the online booking form on our Foundation's website here, or email

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The Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation's outreach programmes are offered for free to under-resourced schools around Cape Town, thanks to our generous partners like DHL, and for a small fee to schools that have the capacity. Chat to your child's teachers about this opportunity!

Our teachers are able to accommodate classes of up to 40 learners, for a maximum of 200 children a day (but we are happy to make multiple visits to the same school if you have a particularly big group).

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