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Become a Two Oceans Aquarium member: Here's how

By Ethan Smit
- Blog, Membership
Become a Two Oceans Aquarium member: Here's how

Becoming a Two Oceans Aquarium member means opening up a whole new world of ocean experiences for you and your loved ones. Not only do you get to increase your ocean knowledge, Aquarium members also receive amazing perks, like unlimited visits, discounts on scuba dives, and so much more. These amazing benefits are available to any and everybody, and becoming a member has never been easier. Here's how you do it: 

Step 1: Registration

The first step to becoming a Two Oceans Aquarium member is to complete a registration form at the on-site Visitor Centre. If an entire family is joining together, then one form needs to be completed for each member of the family. We do not require any ID or passport. 


Step 2: Snap your pic!

Once you and your family have completed the registration form, it's time to have your photo taken for your unique membership card. Cards will then be printed and activated right then and there. 


3. Enjoy the Aquarium and your unlimited visits!

So, now that your registrations forms have been completed and your photos have been taken, you and your loved ones are now free to enjoy and make the most of your Aquarium experience. Remember, now that you're a member, you are entitled to various amazing perks - one of which allows you to visit the Aquarium as many times as you'd like throughout the full year in which your membership is valid. 


Did you know?

Two Oceans Aquarium members get discounts on Scuba Dives, Penguin Experiences, and more!
All Aquarium members receive access to exclusive events
Two Oceans Aquarium members get to skip the queue every time they visit!

Sign up online!

When signing up online, soon-to-be Aquarium members will follow the same steps as listed above. Click here to sign up online now! 

When the online purchase is made, guests can either provide their virtual ticket or their email address to complete the membership process. 

Remember - when visiting the Aquarium, you can upgrade your day ticket to a membership ticket while on-site. Do so by visiting the membership office at your leisure. SEA YOU SOON! 

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