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Celebrating Call to Earth Day

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Celebrating Call to Earth Day

What is Call to Earth Day?

Call to Earth Day is an initiative by CNN dedicated to conservation, environmentalism and sustainability. A day spent celebrating our beautiful planet and its natural inhabitants. This is exactly what we’re about at the Two Oceans Aquarium, so let's all celebrate together!

Call to Earth Day at the Aquarium

We’ve gathered some members of our Aquarium family, who spend their lives effectively contributing to the conservation of our marine life and the sustainability of our oceans.

Meet the aquarists:

We caught up with Two Oceans Aquarium aquarist, Leigh de Necker to chat about the ragged-tooth sharks housed at the Aquarium, and how they act as ambassadors for shark species across the world!

Leigh believes that it's important to educate and inform as many people as possible of the importance of the conservation of these animals, and rightly so!

Claudine Van Zyl, a member of the turtle conservation centre team, describes her work with turtles and their rehabilitation, and how this contributes to conservation

We also heard from Two Oceans Aquarium animal keeper, Shanet Rutgers.

Shanet, who works mostly with penguins housed at the Aquarium, believes that the correct way forward is to educate individuals about the effects that our actions have on our marine life, specifically our African penguins, who are endangered.

Call to Earth day is an amazing initiative that embodies everything we stand for here at the Aquarium. The importance of conservation and sustainability should be taught to as many people as possible. So, we encourage you to celebrate Call to Earth day with us and reflect on our oceans and the huge role that we play in preserving them.

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