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A magical (and misty) first Trash Bash of 2024!

A magical (and misty) first Trash Bash of 2024!

The Two Oceans Aquarium community kicked off the past weekend with the first Trash Bash beach cleanup of 2024!

On Saturday, 20 January, our incredible Aquarium family gathered on Sunset Beach in Milnerton to make a difference for our ocean. Despite the mist and cold, 74 Trash Bash attendees pitched up to scour the beach for chip packets, lollipop sticks, and more pollutants. 

There were lots of microplastics on the beach, and many Trash Bash participants simply sat in one spot to collect an entire bucket of tiny plastics! Most of the litter was plastic, with lollipop sticks being the most common, along with sweet wrappers, takeaway utensils, lots of cigarette butts, and bottle caps. 


Pollution is a huge threat to the health of the ocean and its inhabitants - this is why Trash Bash is so important. Even small action is meaningful; everyone can do their part to clean up our ocean.

The intrepid group of Trash Bashers managed to pick up 106.87kg of trash - an impressive number! Trash Bashes are an amazing way to interrupt the cycle of pollution, clean up the beach, and spend time with family and friends! 

At the end of the morning, Trash Bashers enjoyed a bunch of awesome prizes, such as funky (and reusable) Two Oceans Aquarium shopping bags, glass water bottles, and Aquarium tickets!


Pollution on the beach ultimately ends up ingested by seabirds or in the ocean, where it poses a massive threat to marine animals and ocean ecosystems. We all need to make an effort to keep our beaches clean and our oceans safe! Even one of the Trash Bash attendee's pets got involved!


Join us at the next Trash Bash on Sat 17 February 2024 at Hout Bay Beach!

Go to: Check out our 2024 Trash Bash calendar!

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