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2023's best Trash Bash so far!

2023's best Trash Bash so far!

The second Trash Bash of 2023 was a great success! On Saturday, 1 April 2023, the Two Oceans Aquarium team, with nearly 100 enthusiastic Capetonians, gathered at Mouille Point to clean up the beach (and our ocean). Pollution is a huge threat to the health of the ocean and its inhabitants - this is why Trash Bash is so important. Even small action is meaningful; everyone can do their part to clean up our ocean. 

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Mouille Point is the Aquarium's home beach and its rocky shores are close to our hearts. Only 5km from the Aquarium, Mouille Point is the ideal spot for us to make a difference for our ocean. The promenade alongside is a popular Saturday activity, and passersby often join us when they see the Trash Bashers taking action for the ocean. 

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This month's Trash Bash was very well-attended. 94 public volunteers and 11 Aquarium staff members made for a very festive atmosphere as we picked up plastic, polystyrene, and cigarette stompies on our local beach. The Scouts joined Trash Bash - the Meerkats and the Cubs were active, eager participants. Students from Rosebank College also lent a helping hand. Together, we picked up 104.36kg of litter!

Most of the litter was plastic - straws, takeaway utensils, bottles, and bottle caps were the most common. Other things like slip-slops, cigarette stompies, chip packets, and nurdles. One volunteer even found a baking tray! Pollution on the beach ultimately ends up ingested by seabirds or in the ocean, where it is a massive threat to marine animals and ocean ecosystems. We all need to make an effort to keep our beaches clean and our oceans safe!

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We are so grateful to everyone who pitched in, lending a hand and a heart to the ocean. Trash Bash would be impossible without the support of ocean-minded volunteers. Together, we can make a positive difference for the health of our beaches and, in turn, our ocean. 

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See you at the next Trash Bash on 10 June 2023 - follow us online for details!

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