Entertaining and educational puppet shows. Arts and crafts with a marine theme. Large-scale puzzles and a reading nook with age-appropriate books.   Please note: We have taken the precaution of temporarily closing the Children's Play Centre and are moving the much-loved puppet shows to more regular intervals in the larger Auditorium so that physical distancing can be more easily observed. Unfortunately, we will not be offering arts & crafts activities at this time.

Puppet Stories

Puppet shows will take place in the Auditorium. Please listen for announcements throughout your visit.

Children between the ages of 3 and 9 will love meeting all our characters: Geo and Beauty, Sally the Seal, Henry the Seahorse, Exo the Crab, Peter the Penguin, Bruce the Shark and Dolly the Dolphin, Tinks the Tortoise, Bella the mommy turtle, Lilly the Leopard Catshark, Whiskers the Mouse and Edgar the Eagle and many, many more …

Our Puppet Stories also visit schools! Click here for more information or email puppetbooks@aquarium.co.za

Accompanying our four Puppet Stories puppet shows are four children's books by the same names. The line of children's books extends the Aquarium experience beyond your visit and contains important environmental messages packaged in fun and educational narratives.  

The storybooks are available directly from the Aquarium and can also be purchased online.

Keep the Beach Clean

This book introduces children to Sally the Seal, who inadvertently swallows a plastic bag left on the beach by Beauty. Not only does the story have a happy ending, but it also includes important environmental messages such as “Please don’t litter”, “Reduce, reuse and recycle” and “Say no to plastic bags”.

I Love Turtles

We follow the adventures of Hatch the turtle, and learn about the dangers of marine litter – especially discarded balloons, which look like food to turtles. Hatch encourages kids to have balloon-free birthday parties at the Aquarium. 

I Live Smart

Beauty and her friend Geo love spending time in nature. Join them on an adventurous visit to the Two Oceans Aquarium. Meet interesting sea creatures like clownfish, sharks, penguins and seals while learning about living smartly (saving water & electricity, biodiversity and waste). 

My Wild Pets

In My Wild Pets, Beauty and Geo go on their latest adventure as they learn about the differences between pets and wild animals; about how to love, respect and care for all animals. We also learn about sea stars as we meet a sea star who journeys from the ocean to the Aquarium and in doing so becomes an ocean ambassador.

Water Cycle Adventure

Water Cycle Adventure follows the now-familiar character Geo and his new friend, the imaginative and story-loving Thalie, as they set off to learn about water. With the help of friends like Sunny the Sun, Fluffy the Cloud and Uncle Mthi the Big Old Tree they learn to appreciate water and make a vital discovery - that the Water Cycle and the Life Cycle are the same!