• We’ve introduced recycling bins at various points throughout the Aquarium and recycling signage in the Afrisam Children’s Play Centre
  • We currently have an on-site waste-sorting facility. All our waste is sorted and the recyclables (plastic, tins, glass, paper, etc.) are separated out from that which is sent to landfill. All our e-waste is delivered to an e-waste facility. Hazardous items such as fluorescent tubes and chemicals are disposed of responsibly by Enviroserv
  • Staff and volunteers are encouraged to bring their home recycling to the Aquarium
  • Thanks to the initiative of Aquarium staff member Hayley McLellan, the Two Oceans Aquarium has banned the single-use plastic bag from its premises. All staff and volunteers are encouraged to use reusable bags and avoid taking plastic bags from retailers. Reduce, recycle and reuse is our motto!
  • The Rethink the Bag initiative prompted some creative brainstorming between the Aquarium and Woolworths, and the result is the stunning Ocean Promise reusable bag, featuring penguins and turtles. Both animals are threatened with extinction as a result of human activities, and users of the bags are therefore encouraged to promise to make a change in their daily lives in support of the oceans

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