Our next training programme will take place in the second half of 2019. We will run two training courses, one on Mondays and the other on Saturdays. We have not set any final dates yet. Please subscribe to our monthly newsletter, as we will advertise any new training dates there. Please note that you cannot volunteer with us without having done our volunteer training.


Become an ocean ambassador

Do you love the oceans? Would you like to be immersed in a fascinating underwater world of colour, beauty, tranquillity and magic?

Discover the wonders of the oceans surrounding Cape Town and meet some of your marine neighbours. Volunteer at the Two Oceans Aquarium!

As an ambassador for the oceans, you will share your knowledge with our visitors and assist us in conveying the message of the oceans and its inhabitants.

How it works

All our volunteers need to complete a volunteer training course before doing any volunteer work at the Two Oceans Aquarium. This enables you to work on the floor with our visitors, educating them on the animals and plants found along our coastline. We require each new volunteer to volunteer at least 45 hours on the floor at our Microscope and Touch Pool exhibits. Once those hours have been completed, volunteers are allowed to diversify into other areas of the Aquarium, such as behind-the-scenes work, penguin volunteering as well as helping with education programmes.

  • There will be a R100 registration fee on the first day of the course, should you be accepted. 
  • Interested parties must be 18 years or older in order to apply.

For keen scuba divers

If you would like to become a volunteer diver and assist with the cleaning of our exhibits and the feeding of our animals, please note that you are required to have a Commercial Code 4 licence for this. We are legally obligated to only allow commercial divers to help us as this is considered to be ‘work underwater’ for which proper training is required. If you have a commercial diving licence and would like to volunteer, please contact Natasha Townsend directly on natasha.townsend@aquarium.co.za.

For any queries regarding the training programme, please email education@aquarium.co.za

Volunteer training

During the course you will be introduced to the fascinating lives of a variety of marine animals such as sea anemones, sea urchins and starfish and a range of sea plants.

We will also visit a marine reserve to explore the diversity of plant and animal life found on our rocky shores.

For more information about the training course please contact Visitor Services at the Aquarium on 021 418 3823 or email education@aquarium.co.za.

Penguin volunteers

The Aquarium has a dedicated Penguin Volunteer Group that assists on weekdays as well as weekends and all holidays. We only ask that you commit to two weekend shifts every month. Duties will include cleaning of exhibits, food preparation, assisting with presentations, feeding, record-keeping and quality, interactive time with the birds. We are an energetic, dedicated and fun group and are looking for similar people to join our vibey penguin team and inspire our guests.

Please note that in order to become a penguin volunteer, you are required to attend our volunteer training as well as volunteer Front-of-House for 45 hours.