Behind the scenes of the exhibits you have come to know and love, the Two Oceans Aquarium actively rescues, rehabilitates and releases stranded and distressed sea turtles as part of our broader conservation mission. With the support of an extensive network of organisations and volunteers along the Western Cape's coast, and many incredible donors, hundreds of sea turtles have been saved, reared to full strength and released back into the wild.

Loggerhead and leatherback turtles nest on the South African coast and are the most common patients of our clinic, but we also regularly rehabilitate stranded green, olive ridley and hawksbill sea turtles that wash up on our shores.

Turtle hatchling rescue

Countless helpless hatchlings are ejected from the Agulhas Current every year, unable to survive the cold waters of the Cape. Here's how we help them.

Turtle Rescue Network

We have partnered with a network of coastal organisations and communities to help save turtles that are found on the coast by members of the public.

Release stories

Many of our rehab clinic's long-term residents leave an emotional mark on those who work with them, and the public who meet them.

Rehab residents

Adult or subadult sea turtles with major injuries often spend months or years regaining their strength. Meet the ones currently calling the Aquarium home.

How to save a turtle

Anyone can save a life when they’re armed with the right information. This is what you should do if you find a turtle on the coast. 

The rehab facility

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of veterinary and husbandry staff maintain a turtle rehabilitation clinic on the top floor of the Aquarium. Take a look.

Help us help them

Sponsor conservation efforts

It costs the Aquarium about R27 per day to rehabilitate the average turtle – but few of them are “average”. From 25g hatchlings to 80kg heavyweights, dehydration to broken shells and picky eaters to energetic rascals, it takes a passionate and dedicated team to provide each turtle with the individual care and treatment it needs. Please consider supporting our rehabilitation and release work by making a donation online.

Adopt a turtle

No more than two in a thousand loggerhead turtles survive into adulthood. Thanks to compassionate and caring people just like you, stranded hatchlings are rescued along the Cape’s coast and nursed back to health by our turtle rehabilitation and release team.

Meet the 2017 turtle adoptees.

You have the opportunity to adopt a turtle by paying for its rehabilitation - and in so doing, helping us continue our turtle conservation work. The adoption fee helps us cover the extensive medical care and compassion "spent" on each and every individual turtle. In return, adopters get a unique certificate of adoption, a "turtle biography", a dedicated spot on our "turtle wall" as well as the knowledge that you've helped save a life. 

Adoptions are not yet open for the 2018 hatchlings, but if you'd like to be the first to know - fill in your details below.

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