The Two Oceans Aquarium's fantastic environmental puppet shows are on the road every day to bring exciting characters and valuable lessons to children across the Cape. You can book a visit today!

Want to see the puppet show in the Aquarium instead? Check out the thrice daily shows in the I&J Children's Play Centre.

This programme is ideal for children between the ages of 3 and 9 - they will love meeting our colourful and exotic puppets, as well as the stimulating and fun activities that travel with them. 

Beauty, Geo, Thalie, Sally the Seal, Peter the Penguin, Bruce the Shark, Tinks the Tortoise, and many, many more amazing characters can't wait to visit your school, creche, ECD centre or children's group.

What happens during a show/lesson?

Every travelling puppet show visit comes in three parts: A 5 to 10 minute introduction and storytelling, a 15 to 20 minute puppet show, and a 20 to 30 minute lesson. The story and lessons are designed with young children in mind, and with six possibilities to choose from there is something to suit every class:

Download our leaflet to see the details of all six puppet show options.

Book your puppet show visit

Booking a visit is easy! Here is how you can do it:


Many shows to choose from

We have five great Puppet Stories to choose from, each with a valuable environmental message designed specifically for young children.

I Love Turtles

Hatch the Turtle still has a lot to learn about the world. On his way to the ocean, he meets Tinks the Tortoise. Together they learn about the differences between turtles and tortoises, but danger lurks as Tinks is stalked by Edgar the Eagle. Also meet Bella the wise old mommy turtle as she saves Hatch from marine debris.

Click here for info about the I Love Turtles book.

Keep the Beach Clean

Sally the Seal mistakes a plastic bag for a squid and eats it.

Meet Sally’s friends as they try to help her get the plastic bag out of her throat.

The story not only has a happy ending, but also includes an important environmental message.

Click here for info about the Keep the Beach Clean book.

I Live Smart

Beauty and her friend Geo love spending time in nature. Join them on an adventurous visit to the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Meet interesting sea creatures like clownfish, sharks, penguins and seals while learning about living smartly (saving water & electricity, biodiversity and waste).

Click here for info about the I Live Smart book.

My Wild Pets

In My Wild Pets, Beauty and Geo go on their latest adventure as they learn about the differences between pets and wild animals; about how to love, respect and care for all animals. We also learn about sea stars as we meet a sea star who journeys from the ocean to the Aquarium and in doing so becomes an ocean ambassador.

Click here for more info about the My Wild Pets book.

Water Cycle Adventure

Water Cycle Adventure follows Geo and his new friend Thalie, as they set off to learn about water. With the help of friends like Sunny the Sun, Fluffy the Cloud and Uncle Mthi the Big Old Tree they learn to appreciate water and make a vital discovery - that the Water Cycle and the Life Cycle are the same!

Click here for info about the Water Cycle Adventure book.

Wetlands, not Wastelands

In Wetlands, not Wastelands, children once again join characters Geo and Thalie to learn about the animals living in a South African wetland - Otis the Otter, Taahira the Toad and friends all have a message to share about life in the wetland. As always, story-loving Thalie shares a unique tale - of Plucky the Pelican who convinces Plastic Bag to stop being a bully and shows him ways to be more useful and friendly.

Click here for info about the Water Cycle Adventure book.

Lessons are suitable for learners 3 to 9 years old. Please let us know should you wish to include learners younger than 3 years old so that we can make special arrangements for them.

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Activity sheets

Available in English and Afrikaans, find a selection of activity sheets below to go with each puppet show lesson.

Contact us today to book your puppet show on 021 814 4559 or

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