The partners who support the Two Oceans Aquarium

Sincere thanks to our corporate partners, whose generosity and shared vision continues to enable us to foster love, respect and understanding of our oceans. Through these associations, we are able to offer our visitors world-class exhibits, ensure that our staff and visitors have access to the state of the art equipment, and ensure that our animals receive the best care.

With support from these partners, we are also able to present education programmes, run conservation projects, and conduct research through the registered non-profit public benefit organisation, the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation.

If you would like to see your logo here, please contact Helen Lockhart on or (021) 814 4538.


Founding partner I&J is the naming sponsor for the I&J Ocean Exhibit. I&J is also a strong supporter of environmental education, and sponsors a number of courses which are presented by the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation. Our Children’s Play Centre is also supported by I&J. I&J has supplied food for our animals since 1995.

Save Our Seas Foundation

The Save Our Seas Foundation is dedicated to protecting life in the ocean, especially sharks and rays. The Foundation supports passionate and innovative research, conservation and education projects around the world, including the SOSF Shark Education Centre in Kalk Bay and Shark Spotters.

Consol Glass

Consol Glass is a key donor and partner of the Turtle Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release Programme of the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation. Consol Glass provides financial support for the Programme, and supports the conservation of marine life through public awareness efforts.

Water Components South Africa

Water Components South Africa (WCSA), which is a local distributor for Dryden Aqua, sponsored the two filters on the intake water which is used in the turtle rehabilitation facility, and in the I&J Ocean Exhibit. Dryden Aqua sponsored the filter media, AFM, which is used in the filters. The filters clean the incoming water of chemicals, parasites, parasite eggs, microplastics and other potentially harmful substances so that our turtles and other animals have clean water.

Golden Arrow Bus Services

Golden Arrow Bus Services has been a loyal partner to the Aquarium since its inception. Golden Arrow assists in bringing school groups to the Aquarium at discounted rates.

Africa Organics

In our quest to reduce our impact on the environment, we have partnered with Africa Organics which supplies us with hand wash for our visitors and staff and shampoo and conditioner for our divers. These products are 100% natural, preservative free, biodegradable and contain certified organic ingredients.

Bright Weights

Bright Weights provides Aquarium divers with innovative weight belts for use in the exhibits, on collection and research trips and for our Adventure Dive Programme. Swim like a fish with Bright Weights. 


Dräger provides the Two Oceans Aquarium with vital technical support and maintains our dive cylinders and equipment. Dräger also assures the safety and quality of the dive cylinders used in our Adventure Dives

Reef Wetsuits

Reef Wetsuits provides us with high-performance dive equipment to cater for the demands of our everyday work. From wetsuits, hoodies and booties to gloves and bags, Reef Wetsuits and accessories enable our aquarists to look great while getting the job done!

Vox Telecom

Vox Telecom sponsors the livestreaming of the webcam from the I&J Ocean Exhibit to the homepage. 


Divetek is a retailer, wholesaler, designer, importer and manufacturer of diving gear. The company has generously given us a discounted rate on all Divetek gear, as well as on other brands and cylinders

Cape Exotic Animal Hospital

Cape Exotic Animal Hospital is the Aquarium’s official supporting veterinarian practice and supports our conservation, research and animal welfare activities.

Organisations that we work with

The Two Oceans Aquarium is very fortunate to collaborate with like-minded organisations in Cape Town and beyond. From filmmakers to beach cleanups and scientific data collection projects, animal welfare and conservation societies, to tertiary institutions, research programmes and governmental departments, this work is run by organisations working to achieve environmental goals that we believe in, and who help us attain ours.