The Two Oceans Aquarium is currently OPEN and compliant with present health and safety regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: Our safety rules will be adjusted to match local mandates and regulations. Changes made by government may not be immediately reflected on this page.

For the safety, wellbeing and comfort of all its visitors, the Two Oceans Aquarium has introduced a range of health and safety measures in line with the latest Government regulations and a Covid-19 workplace-ready plan has been compiled and implemented. Here's what you can expect in terms of visitor safety when visiting the Aquarium:

Some of the measures include:

  • Online bookings and ticket purchases are encouraged, and contactless payment options will also be available at the Aquarium’s ticket office.
  • Visitors who are feeling ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms will be requested to postpone their visit.
  • Visitors are required to wear face masks in compliance with current South African regulations. Masks are available for sale at the Aquarium should visitors have left theirs at home.
  • The visitor capacity of the Aquarium will be closely managed at all times to ensure ample space for physical distancing. Visitors entering and exiting the Aquarium will be counted and visitor numbers will be restricted based on the public space available.
  • Floor guides will be present to guide Aquarium visitors along the one-way route through the building.
  • Health and safety marshalls will be present in the Aquarium to assist with public compliance to best safety practices.
  • Hand sanitiser will be freely available to all visitors throughout the Aquarium.
  • No eating or drinking will be allowed in the Aquarium so that visitors can keep their masks on at all times. The Bootlegger Coffee Company will be open to satisfy hungry appetites.
  • Cleaning personnel will be stationed throughout the Aquarium and will continuously clean and sanitise, especially around high-contact areas such as handrails, door handles and the activation buttons of certain exhibits.
  • There will be regular announcements throughout the day reminding staff and visitors about safety protocols.

Some of the Aquarium’s exhibits and offerings will be temporarily closed in the interest of visitor safety. These include:

  • Some of the crawl-through exhibits will not be open, such as the Jelly Baby and Nemo spaces. These exhibits will remain visible and accessible from the outside.
  • Several interactive elements of displays in the Diversity Gallery are temporarily closed.
  • Advertised feed presentations have been temporarily suspended, but animal feeds will continue to take place and visitors will still be able to see divers in the large exhibits at various times of the day.

The Covid-19 workplace-ready plan is also extended to the staff of the Aquarium. Staff-related measures and requirements of the plan include the appointment of a Covid-19 Compliance Officer, training of all staff members, checking of staff temperatures when arriving for work, daily signing of a health declaration by staff, and the compulsory wearing of masks and regular hand sanitising by all staff.

Download our guidelines here

Thank you for your understanding at this time. Have a safe, fascinating Aquarium visit!