Did you know? Cigarette butts on streets end up in waterways ...

  • One cigarette butt can contaminate a litre of water so severely that fish cannot survive in the water (San Diego State University)
  • Cigarette butts account for 28% of litter on beaches worldwide (Ocean Conservancy)
  • 845 000 tons of cigarette butts (5.6 trillion butts) end up as litter every year
  • Nicotine is lethal to species of fish, crustaceans, zooplankton, and other aquatic animals, as well as being a known insecticide
  • Cigarette butts present a hazard to wildlife who mistake them for food. Cigarette filters are composed of cellulose acetate, a form of plastic, that is not biodegradable.
  • This kind of plastic has been found in the stomachs of sea turtles, fish, birds, whales and other marine creatures.