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Bea Johnson and her family generate a quart-size jar of waste per year. Come and hear how you too can simplify your life by adopting a new approach to consumerism and conscious living.

With her passion and positive outlook, Bea – “the priestess of waste-free living” – launched a global movement, Zero Waste Home, and has become one of the leading spokespeople for the zero-waste lifestyle. Bea is touring South Africa in May this year and the Two Oceans Aquarium is thrilled to be hosting Bea right here for a learning and networking event on 5 May 2017.

In line with our sustainability journey and objectives, we welcome this opportunity to learn, first-hand, from someone who has proven how possible and rewarding a minimalistic lifestyle can be.

To complement Bea’s talk, we have invited other leading local waste-minimisation experts, including Jade Khoury from Low-Impact Living and Hotel Verde CEO Samantha Annandale, and V&A Waterfront Operations Manager: Cleaning, Waste & Landscaping Petro Myburgh. Faithful to Nature has sponsored some awesome waste-minimisation spot prizes! This evening will serve not only as an inspiration to start minimising your own waste at home, but also an opportunity to meet and chat with like-minded people.

Join us on Friday 5 May 2017 at 18:15 for an evening of inspiring talks. Tickets are limited and are selling for R120 each (welcome drink and canapés included) – go to Quicket to secure your spot today. This event is suitable for children over the age of 12 years.

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Our other speakers

Jade Khoury, Low-Impact Living

Bringing the "low impact" question to every area of her life, single mom, teacher, dreamer and doer Jade Khoury will be sharing her story, her passion and her work with you on 5 May. From the ground, Jade is actively challenging the common idea that, in South Africa, green and healthy living is only for the privileged or less stressed and busy individuals. She is exploring the many ways our modern lifestyle creates a negative impact on the short- and long-term wellbeing of our selves, our families and our planet. She actively engages with the challenges we face to shift our habits and also with how our quality of life changes when we do. Jade is also looking at how it makes financial sense to live a greener lifestyle.

V&A Waterfront Operations Manager: Cleaning, Waste & Landscaping Petro Myburgh

Petro Myburgh, Operations Manager, will give an overview of the V&A Waterfront’s waste management and recycling programme, highlighting key learnings and challenges within the commercial and retail sectors and how they work towards effective waste management systems.

Hotel Verde CEO Samantha Annandale

Waste avoidance to landfill has re-shifted the focus on procurement and in particular to challenge and rethink the way we have as a business engaged in procurement to fulfill our vision to minimise our impact of our business, socially and more importantly on our environment. Can we rethink the way we have been operating for the last decades? 

More about Bea and the Zero Waste Home

Bea is inspiring a growing global community to live simply and take a stance against needless waste with the application of the 5Rs: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot. She shatters misconceptions, proving that waste-free living can not only be "stylish", but also lead to significant health benefits, and time and money savings. She regularly speaks at universities and corporate events and opens her home to educational tours and the media.

In a visually-rich and upbeat presentation, Bea shares her tribulations and secrets to achieving “zero waste”. She manages to talk about her personal journey with humour and without preaching. She brings an intimidating topic down to a manageable scale, lending a unique perspective and making zero waste less daunting. Her non-judgmental approach will inspire you to reflect on your life and consider changing your own habits. Bea talks about her lifestyle with passion and provides many practical solutions to living simply and reducing waste.

The environmentally unaware and already-eco-minded alike will discover a whole world of possibilities. We know you’ll leave this event inspired and will be grateful for the new information.

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