The Two Oceans Aquarium team recently attended an LCA Spark Talks event centred around young people taking action to protect our biodiversity, environment and planet. We were deeply impressed by these incredible young people and would like to share their call to South Africa and the world for action with you.

Chris Marais, CEO of LCA, opened the conversation by acknowledging the global efforts being made by youths to create positive change, and left us with this call to action:

"We must stop talking about the future generation, and start talking to the future generation."

"Today the future is with us. We have the future here to talk for themselves."

Chris Marais and his granddaughter - two generations, but sharing the same environment.

This edition of LCA Spark Talks was hosted by Homebrew Films at the Atlantic Film Studio, with incredible young speakers from Save a Fishie, Sustainable Sarah, Waterislife and the African Climate Alliance. The Two Oceans Aquarium's #RethinkTheBag campaign, Cape Town Science Centre, The Beach Co-op, Struik Nature and Shop Zero were also there to engage with learners from multiple schools who were invited to attend, to discuss environmental issues and showcase sustainable lifestyle options at stalls before and after the main event.

Mia Jooste

"We really need to think about the plastic we use, because it takes a long time to decompose and can do a lot of damage in that time." - Mia Jooste

Zoë Prinsloo

"Not everyone can make a big change, but everyone can make a small difference. And those small differences add up." - Zoë Prinsloo

Sarah Farrell

"The climate crisis is a really difficult thing to talk about. It doesn't make anyone feel very good, because we think about our future and the potential of some bad things that could happen in the future. But, if we talk about it it will become easier and the more people that realise it's a problem, the more people will stand up." - Sarah Farrell

Ruby Sampson, Alex Koopman and Cassidy Iackay

"We need to take action to prevent climate Apartheid in Africa - only the rich will thrive." - Alex Koopman

About LCA:

LCA stands for "Leadership for Conservation in Africa", an organisation committed to the empowerment of communities bordering on nature areas to become active stakeholders in the conservation of their natural resources and improve their long-term livelihoods as a result.

The LCA Spark Talks series is based on the concept of TED talks, inviting interesting and diverse speakers to take centre stage and share their passion for conservation with the world - and stir that passion in others in the process. These talks are open to the public, including school groups - so keep an eye out for the next one!

"You literally can't argue with this - it's fact. There's no arguing, and we have to change it now." - Ruby Sampson on the climate crisis and it's effects on developing nations.

LCA Spark Talks are an incredible way to be exposed to a wide variety of new ideas in conservation - suitable for all sorts of audiences. Credit: LCA
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