10 February 2013

Your Meat-Free Monday inspiration

By giving up meat for one day each week, you can save money, reduce your environmental impact and live a healthier life.

Here you’ll find some delicious inspiration – keep an eye out on our blog every Monday for the latest meat-free recipe!

And if you enjoy Meat-Free Mondays, why not give Fish-Free Fridays a go? According to a 2010 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation report, “85% of the world’s fish stocks are either over-exploited or exploited to their maximum”. Cutting down on your fish intake will help to relieve the pressure on fish stocks.

Beyond this, it is important to educate ourselves and become responsible fish consumers, should we choose to eat fish. Follow the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative pocket guide, which provides three categories to ensure sustainable consumption: green (yes), orange (careful) and red (do not eat).

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