Scuba diving, whether you are a complete newcomer, learning to dive for the first time or an experienced scuba pro who has been doing this for years is a vastly different experience at the Two Oceans Aquarium from anything you may have done before. Explore the world of our ocean animals from their point of view - experience what it is like to enter their underwater habitat.

But don't just take our word for it that this is an amazing experience - take a look at some of the real experience of real people who came to scuba dive at the Aquarium:

“Today I had an excellent [Discover Scuba Diving] experience that I shared with my son. We were first trained by Iain before being allowed to dive in the large exhibition tank. The 30-minute dive was a once in a lifetime must-do event. I could see all the fish and sharks up close. Wow!” – Review via TripAdvisor

For some, a dive at the Aquarium is about having the chance to meet South Africa's ocean life up close and in person...

“Went diving in the fish tank with Iain (my favourite Scot) and loved it; the rest of the place is huge and very nice to experience as well so take the kids, learn and enjoy! Very friendly staff, like all South Africans!” – Review via TripAdvisor

Learning to scuba dive at the Aquarium is also a chance to create a lifelong moment to share and cherish with a person you love (plus - she can't say "no" to your proposal underwater)...

“It was the first time I did scuba diving in my life. Guided by the experienced Iain Robertson, I had to pass a test of aptitude, to submerge myself in the giant pool of the Aquarium. I was thrilled when I could watch my wife on the other side of the glass filming me in detail. While I amused myself swimming among turtles, stingrays and guitarfishes, shool children arrived who greeted me effusively. Then I attended the fun march of the penguins. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.” – Review via TripAdvisor

And for some people, scuba diving together is just an awesome way to celebrate the birthday of a good friend...

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We are Cape Town's all-weather scuba diving experience destination. Swim with the turtles and rays of the I&J Ocean Exhibit, show your bravery and dive with the ragged-tooth sharks of the Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Exhibit

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