What do we think turtle hatchlings would ask us to do for Plastic Free July? Two Oceans Aquarium Conservation Coordinator Talitha Noble shares her insight into the lives of these precious animals, and how their encounters with plastic pollution affect them.

“I think turtles would ask us, for Plastic Free July. to be more conscious of the plastic we use; to minimise the single-use plastics, in particular, plastic bags as turtles struggle to differentiate between plastic bags and jellyfish and also between plastic bags and sea lettuce, also things like water bottles and single-use coffee cups and straws and balloons and all sorts of single-use plastic items. I think the turtles would be incredibly grateful.” – Talitha Noble, Two Oceans Aquarium Conservation Coordinator

We have had well over 200 stranded and rescued loggerhead turtle hatchlings pass through our Turtle Rescue Programme this year, and many of them have suffered as a result of the oceans plastic pollution - like this little one:

It is always popular to share rescue success stories, but for every lucky survivor that the Aquarium helps return to the wild, others are less fortunate. Torn intestines, starvation, loss of the ability to dive, infected cloacas and other slow, painful deaths are the inevitable fates for many of these endangered creatures. What makes it even worse? When those dead turtles have decomposed, the plastic waste will again return to the environment.

Please consider your relationship with single-use plastic this Plastic Free July - there is no better time to take action than right now.

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