Are you a teacher or leader looking for an affordable and unforgettable school outing for your class or youth group? Experience many fun, informative and engaging activities for all grades and ages with a specially planned visit to the Two Oceans Aquarium.

What will your school do on a day trip to the Aquarium?

What happens during a school visit to the Aquarium?

When your kids arrive at the Aquarium, you'll immediately be greeted by the helpful and friendly team of our Environmental Education Centre, who will be co-ordinating your visit. It's time for your Aquarium adventure to begin...

Your group will be taken to one of our dedicated Discovery Centres, classrooms equipped with some cool features to make the learning experience as fun as possible: mini-exhibits filled with sea creatures on the desks, interactive whiteboards and digital microscopes - all the tools needed to bring the environmental lesson to life and make learning a fun experience.

There is a packed list of lessons and activities on offer, suitable for children of all ages. All the lessons carry a strong environmental message, a practical component and are designed to create lasting memories. Our lessons are customised to match your syllabus.

Most classes choose one of our popular “Big 3” lessons:

  • Underwater Wonders - an exciting hands-on investigation of the lifeforms in SA's tidal pools. You'll get a close up look at anemones, sea stars* and sea urchins, and learn about how these creatures have adapted to survive in South Africa's tidal pools. 
  • Fish Lesson - an introduction to fish species and their survival techniques. Senior kids also get to take part in fish dissections and learn about the biology of these animals.**
  • Shark Lesson - learn about sharks and cartilaginous fishes by interacting with living baby shysharks. Learn about the role these misunderstood creatures play in the ecosystem, and find out if they deserve their fearsome reputations. 

After the lesson (or before if you arrive early) your class can explore the Aquarium, putting the information they just received into real context. Sharks, fish, sea stars: they all take on new light once you have learned about them and their lifestyles. You'll also experience presentations from our team in front of the I&J Ocean Exhibit, and learn about this type of marine ecosystem.

Customised lessons to suit your needs

Our on-site teachers know that every class is different, and the reasons schools choose to visit us vary. Maybe you just want to give your grade 4s a fun experience, or perhaps you'd like the lesson tweaked to suit your matric Life Sciences curriculum? We've got you covered!

The same module is taught but with a different tone, and with greater depth to suit the appropriate age group. For example, with the Underwater Wonders module, a younger class would be taught about the ways a sea stars survives, eg. by using its tiny tube feet to walk around. An older class might be taught about food chains, and the role the sea star plays in its ecosystem, while matrics or even university students will be introduced to sea cucumbers and see how all echinoderms are related.

When booking your class visit, you will have the opportunity to work with our team to ensure the lesson you receive will leave your children with the most valuable information, and have the greatest impact.

Book your class visit now, it's easy

Whether making a booking for a small club, a single class or even a whole grade - the Two Oceans Aquarium can make your visit amazing. With four time slots, multiple classrooms and a skilled team of 15 educators ready to assist. We can accommodate groups up to 500, or as small as 10.

We really value education, and know how important it is for all children to have impactful experiences. For this reason, school group visits to the Aquarium are subsidised by us, making this as affordable and accessible to your school as possible. Furthermore, if you would like to sponsor a child's visit, there are a number of ways you can help.

To secure a booking for your class, simply follow the information at this link, complete the booking form and submit it to our environmental education team.

We look forward to being able to help you inspire the next generation.

Smart Living outreach teacher Anzio Abels cleaning the Discovery Centre exhibits.

*We don't call them starfish anymore, because they aren't actually fish (they are echinoderms).

**Nothing goes to waste. Fish used for educational dissections are sponsored by I&J and are used to feed our other species after the class. Living animals used for educational purposes during school visits are not harmed in any way.

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