PLEASE NOTE: The Smart Living Challenge Zone is no longer on display at the Two Oceans Aquarium. You can learn more about how you can live sustainably here, and learn more about the City of Cape Town's sustainability initiatives here.

There is a cool new interactive addition to the Smart Living Challenge Zone - a way for you to have your promise to live a smarter, more sustainable life, heard by others. Thank you to our partners, the City of Cape Town and FormulaD Interactive, for supporting the Smart Living mission at the Aquarium.

How can your Smart Living handprint help you to make a difference?

Once you've interacted with the other four exhibits of the Smart Living Challenge Zone, covering the topics of sustainable water, energy, waste and biodiversity, you can head over to the glowing handprint. Touching the handprint will begin a process where you can make your own Smart Living promise.

Once your name is entered, the panel will ask you four questions - one about each of the four topics covered in the Smart Living Challenge Zone. Answering these questions unlocks elements which you can use to make your own unique handprint (we'll let these be a surprise to you.

Then, touch the panel to save your handprint and make your Smart living promise.

Your unique handprint and promise are then saved to the cloud, joining countless other people who have all made pledges to live better, more sustainable lives.

“I will plant indigenous plants in my garden.” – Promise made by Zunaid

“I will buy razors with replaceable blades.” – Promise made by Nqobile

“I will compost my waste fruits and vegetables” – Promise made by Rosemary

What is the Smart Living Challenge Zone?

In 2015, the Two Oceans Aquarium, was fortunate to unveil the brand new Smart Living Challenge Zone. This space offers pioneering interactive lessons in sustainable management of waste, water, energy and biodiversity to people from all walks of life.

In partnership with the City of Cape Town and FormulaD Interactive, lessons demonstrating the importance of sustainability were gamified in a way that everyone, including children, could understand, and build lifelong memories from. Make sure you and your kids visit the Smart Living Challenge Zone on your next Aquarium encounter.

Let's nurture a sustainable generation together.

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