We are excited to announce the launch of Wetlands, not Wastelands, the sixth and final book in our fun and interactive Puppet Stories children's book series. Designed for children aged 3 to 9 years of age, this original story is the perfect way to teach your little one about the importance of sustainable living, and is available for just R55 online and in our gift shop.

In Wetlands, not Wastelands, children once again join characters Geo and Thalie to learn about the animals living in a South African wetland - Otis the Otter, Taahira the Toad and friends all have a message to share about life in the wetland. As always, story-loving Thalie shares a unique tale - of Plucky the Pelican who convinces Plastic Bag to stop being a bully and shows him ways to be more useful and friendly.

Wetlands, not Wastelands was written and illustrated by our in-house Puppet Stories creator Marguerite Venter and Two Oceans Aquarium Environmental Campaigner Hayley McLellan. Marguerite had this to say:

As with Water Cycle Adventure I think it is important for children to understand the cycle of things, and that things like water and rubbish don't just appear and disappear.  Wetlands, not Wastelands is aimed at showing children where their rubbish goes, but then we also introduce them to wetlands and some of the amazing animals there.  We’ve included pages that teach kids about raw materials, what you can recycle and things you can do to help the environment.  We’ve even managed to weave in a message about bullying.  It is just a wonderful diverse book with some great messages.  

Wetlands, not Wastelands is also available in Afrikaans - Vleilande, nie vullislande nie.

See the puppet show

We have three puppet shows a day: 10h30, 13h30 and 15h30. 

Children between the ages of 3 and 9 will love meeting all our characters in the I&J Children's Play Centre: Geo and Beauty, Sally the Seal, Henry the Seahorse, Exo the Crab, Peter the Penguin, Bruce the Shark and Dolly the Dolphin, Tinks the Tortoise, Bella the mommy turtle, Lilly the Leopard Catshark, Whiskers the Mouse and Edgar the Eagle and many, many more…

The whole collection

Wetlands, not Wastelands joins our 6-part Puppet Stories book series. We have sold more than 50 000 copies of the Puppet Stories series over the last few years. These books are wonderful companions to our in-house and outreach Puppet Stories programme, and are especially loved by children who are familiar with the Aquarium and its creatures.

You can purchase all six Puppet Stories books here at the Aquarium or online - they retail at R55 each. Click here to buy yours now.

Keep the Beach Clean is the first book in the Puppet Stories series. It follows the adventures of Sally the Seal who accidentally eats a plastic bag left on the beach by a child. Sally’s underwater friends, like Peter the Penguin and Exo the Crab, try to help her get the bag out of her throat – teaching a lesson along the way.

The second of the Puppet Stories books, I Love Turtles, follows Hatch the Turtle and the adventures he faces as a young hatchling. Throughout the book, Hatch meets a variety of other animals, like Edgar the Eagle, and he learns about the different types of animals.

Hatch also encounters marine litter and has to be warned of the dangers it poses to his species. Beauty, the child character from the first book, is once again present to teach a lesson about the dangers plastic poses to marine life.

I Live Smart, the third book in the series, follows Beauty and her new friend Geo as they visit the Two Oceans Aquarium and get to know some of the animals. These animals, like Bruce the Shark, teach the kids about the interconnectedness of nature and how their lifestyles can impact all living things.

Together with your children, you can interact with the story of Geo and Beauty as they learn about the need to live smart and conserve our precious biodiversity, energy and water, and to reduce and recycle waste where possible.

In My Wild Pets, Beauty encounters Sabah the Starfish and Hermit McDermitt, animals that have been brought from the wild to the Aquarium. Together with Geo, Beauty also meets some pet animals, like Buks the Dog, and learns the difference between wild and pet animals.

This book will help your child learn that wild animals are not pets, but that they deserve the same love and respect that we would show any animal. Lots of added “Brain Tickles” promise endless fun for you and your child.

Water Cycle Adventure follows the now-familiar character Geo and his new friend, the imaginative and story-loving Thalie, as they set off to learn about water. With the help of friends like Sunny the Sun, Fluffy the Cloud and Uncle Mthi the Big Old Tree they learn to appreciate water and make a vital discovery - that the Water Cycle and the Life Cycle are the same!

When Thalie and Geo go home, they soon see ways that the natural world affects their water at home, and how they can save water at home to help the natural world.

The final children's book in the Puppet Stories collect, Wetlands, not Wastelands explores the wetland ecosystem with Thalie and Geo. New animal friends show the children how their lives impact the environment - and how wetlands are also vital for human livelihoods.

Visit our online store to purchase your copy of Wetlands, not Wastelands as well as the other Puppet Stories educational books and toys.

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